Route survey and road mods

Lots of experience and massive expertise

Anything necessary for the transport to be safe

We have lots of experience and massive expertise with going through, checking and evaluating routes for special transports to answer if and how the transports can be done.

We evaluate every single bridge and obstacle, every single roundabout, every single intersection and bend, every single gate and every single overhead cable. Anything relevant is measured and documented in a report.

In the route survey report we list the road modifications that are needed on road, in roundabouts and intersections etc. to make the transport possible. We are also happy to get the road mods done as well as reestablishing everything after the transport has been done.

Lars Larsen

Pilot, steersman and owner

The company Mag Larsen Service, are specialised in escorting over size and heavy transports mainly in Scandinavia and can deliver overall solutions if required.

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